Sleeping Bubbles

Any win is worth celebrating. As a business- we are committed to giving 100% to clients and to our partners! Reaping results is a huge milestone and we are astounded to see that we are making a great impact on other business as equally as we are making an impact on the glamping scene in the UK.

Kandy Girl

We want to thank Tru Powell and his amazing team over at Kandy Girl for partnering with Sleep Bubbles to give young girls the chance to feel special through the offer of pampering and pamper parties, in a safe and innovative way to accommodate the new tiering and lockdown systems. The Home Girl outdoor pamper party is decorated to give that Salon-Spa feel with massage stations; manicure and pedicure stations; a lavish pink oversized throne; a chocolate facial station and even a hot tub safe for over 10 year olds- this partnership is a princesses’ wish come true!

This partnership has allowed for us to step outside of our comfort zones in the glamping industry, to bring a new lease to children’s pampering and create special memories. Here you can find a feature of Sleeping Bubbles on Sky News with our Kandy Girl Partnership!

Another win we want to celebrate is our press coverage on Cene Magazine in partnership with Hotel Lush Canterbury where you can experience The Sleeping Bubble Experience! Our vision was to offer our customers the chance to experience sleeping under the stars without the hassle of mounting a tent or settling for sleeping bags. Astronomy fanatics will be able to see the stars from a warm bed with a telescope; or they can fizz up their night in the hot tub with some champagne. You can read our feature in Cene magazine here.

We are also immensely grateful for a feature in Kent Online News article and allowing locals to discover a new wave we are creating for glamping. As stated in the article, “this is the next level up from glamping”, no more mud, no more communal showers or being cold- Sleeping Bubbles is truly home away from home. Fitted with a projector, telescope and double bed- what else could be better!