Sleeping Bubbles


Our Mission

As a growing business we often like to strategise how our carbon footprint will affect our surroundings and even humankind in the near and far future.
As a new business, our mission for the company’s future is to minimise disturbances to nature, and protected environments and maximise the use of open space and reconnect with the earth.
Sleeping Bubbles as a company promote land conservations by using eco-friendly furniture and as we are not a permanent fixture; there is minimal to no damage to surface areas. We use less water and energy than a hotel room of a similar stature. The lighting used in our glamping locations have little to no impact on light pollution so that we can amplify the best projector there is- the night sky!
All of the materials used to build a bubble can be recycled or reused. Our material with the largest ecological impact is PVC fabric. However, we have a recycling solution for this material as well. We are committed and are currently coercing a plan that will help us in 3 years’ time to become a business that is low in carbon neutral and 100% eco-friendly.

We believe in a better world, and would love to welcome you on our journey of sustainability and preservation.

Why choose us

At Sleeping Bubbles, we aim to provide the best, luxury experience for all from our partners to our end clients. We are the UK’s first supplier of luxury bubble tents, based locally in Worcestershire, serving clients both nationally and internationally.
Our bubbles are fully customisable from fully or partly furnished to completely unfurnished- a blank canvas to give you the opportunity to really make it yours.
  • End to end project support
  • Excellent customer service before and after sale
  • 5 years warranty
  • 24/7 support line 0800 002 5698
  • Detailed digital handbook
  • Fast return on investment for our partners
  • 7-18 month payback period with 70% occupancy a year generating from £3,150 monthly revenue per Sleeping Bubble.
With a client base accustomed to the finer things in life, we go over and above to accommodate and cater for the needs, wants and desires of all, proven in our fantastic reviews.
Join us. Be a part of something amazing.
I made the purchase of his Bubble Tents to incite energy in the USA markets.

It has been a success. I firmly recommended people who want a unforgettable experience to connect with Paulo Jamece to get the same experience I’ve gotten.

Im in the process of purchasing more Bubble Tents to continue to create the ultimate outdoor experience.

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Kelvin McGregor
Owner, Mack Events LLC.